IPR in Finland

IPR in Finland


Finland has a substantive examination for all patent applications. However, the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is available with many countries.

Finland is a member of the PCT and the EPC. The London Agreement came into force on 1 November 2011. Thus, only the claims need to be translated into Finnish, if the language of the proceedings (LoP) has been English. The description should be translated into Finnish or English when the LoP has been German or French. The maximum duration of a patent is 20 years.

Power of Attorney (PoA) is required, except when validating a European Patent in Finland in a normal procedure. PoA can be filed later at no further cost.



Finland accepted Utility Models in 1992 and improved the system in 1996. Registration is now in force for 4 years and can be renewed for a total period of up to 10 years.

A branched-off Utility Model application can be filed from a pending EP-application. A Finnish translation will be needed.

A PCT –application can be continued in Finland also as a utility model application



In addition to an RCD (Registered Community Design), the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs can also protect a new design in Finland. The national system is very similar to the RCD system, but a substantive examination is carried in the field of earlier design registrations.

The maximum duration for a design registration is 25 years (5 years + 4 x 5 years)


In addition to a EU trademark (European Union trademark), international registrations under the Madrid Protocol can also protect a trademark in Finland. The national system includes a substantive examination, which is quite rigorous if the trademark has a distinctive character and no confusing similarity with other valid registrations.

Due to the high standards for registration, refusal cases of international registrations in Finland are quite usual. We can be appointed to perform the national proceedings required.

A trademark can be, for example, a word or a figure, or a combination of these. It can also be a slogan, a combination of letters, a sound, or some other mark that can be represented graphically.

The duration of registration is 10 years and the registration can be renewed for any subsequent 10 years.



Other frequently requested services are recodings of IPR transfers in Finnish registers. Actions regarding possible infringement cases are also carried out by Kespat.